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Name:Mr. abdulfawas [Marketing]
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Y!: onlineshopltd@yahoo.com Y!: onlineshopltd
Skype: Abdul.fawas
Google Talk:  safesale2012@gmail.com  safesale2012@gmail.com
Mobile Number:+604847474
Phone Number:+604847464
Fax Number:7464643
Address:12 kuala lumpur
luala lumpur 5100, Penang
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Registration Date:Feb. 26, 2012
Last Updated:Feb. 26, 2012
Business Nature: of Electronics & Electrical category

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Apple iPhone 4 is the fourth-generation of iphone and comes with a new slimmer design and front-facing camera capable of video calling. apple also updated the display with a high-resolution screen that measures 960 x 640 pixels. It also features a 5 megapixel camera with an LED flash and HD video recording. The front facing camera uses an application called facetime to make video calls over wifi.

Email: safesale2012@ gmail.com
Email: onlineshopltd@ hotmail.com
Email: on lineshopltd@ yahoo.com

Skype: Abdul.fawas

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